Graduation Recital at California Institute of the Arts; featuring music for piano solo, cello (performed by Wells Leng), percussion (performed by Henry Tucker Delargy), and special guests C. Eule Dance - Caron Eule, Choreographer; Stephanie Cheung, Leah Hamel, Lorenzo Edwards, Eliza Sherlock-Lewis Tollett, dancers


Played a solo piano recital of original compositions at MiMoDa Studio in Los Angeles (hosted by Maksim Velichkin.)


Performed on viola with the CalArts Ensemble, for The Ensemble Presents: 8, directed by Nick Deyoe.


Performed on viola for México Lindo, an original work by Pablo Leñero, for his graduation recital Gracias a la Vida.


Performed on viola for Lost Children, “a hybrid dance/film/live music piece about childhood”, with music composed by Gillian Rae Perry. A link to the full performance, which took place at the CalArts Black and White Studio, can be found here.


Performed on viola for Dissociation, a CalArts Ensemble Concert, directed by Nick Deyoe.


Performed original piano work Larsen B at a CalArts u.Comp recital, featuring several works by undergraduate composers. The livestream is here (and begins at 21:50).


Took part in CalArts Chamber Concert #3, playing viola in a Fanny Mendelssohn quartet with Fiona Dorn, Nicole Limones, and Gillian Perry.


Performed on viola for I Presagi, a concert with the CalArts Ensemble, directed by Nick Deyoe. The concert featured works by colleagues John Pisaro, Michael Janz, and Gillian Rae Perry.


Sang with the CalArts North Indian Ensemble, led by Ustad Aashish Khan.
The livestream can be found here.


Completed work on debut composition for Javanese Gamelan - Nisan (“Grave”), a setting of a 1942 poem by Indonesian writer Chairil Anwar.


Performed on viola for Nesting, Inf(l)ection with the CalArts Ensemble, directed by Nick Deyoe.


Performed a major recital of music for piano and duets ft. Breana Gilcher and Katriāna Zommers at the Wild Beast, California Institute of the Arts. The saved livestream is available  here .

Performed a major recital of music for piano and duets ft. Breana Gilcher and Katriāna Zommers at the Wild Beast, California Institute of the Arts.
The saved livestream is available here.


Performed a set of all original works for the MiMoDa Wednesday night concert series, at Paper or Plastik Café in Los Angeles.


Performed on gamelan for the first time with the CalArts Javanese Gamelan Ensemble, led by Pak Djoko Walujo.


Performed original compositions at a third concert for Mindful Music, this time at the Semel Institute Auditorium.


Performed viola as part of [Re[Framing]], Sara Sithi-Amnuai's Mid-Residence Performer-Composer Recital.


Performed viola as part of the Ensemble at Calarts directed by Nicholas Deyoe.


Performed viola as part of Megan DeJarnett's MFA Mid-Residency Recital in "Flatline". 


Premiered new original work The Ebbing Neptune, a setting of Prospero's "Ye Elves of Hills..." monologue from Act V of Shakespeare's Tempest, written for mezzo-soprano Katriana Zommers.

Starts at the 15-minute mark


Accompanied virtuoso violinist Alejandra Moreno in her CalArts mid-residency recital, playing the relatively obscure Joaquin Rodrigo Violin Concerto d'été. Link to performance - starts at the 1-hour mark


Took part in the bi-annual CalArts Vinny Golia Large Ensemble concert- a group of musicians performing his avant-garde and jazz-inspired works, featuring heavy improvisation and soloing. Link to performance


Performed a second concert for Mindful Music, this time at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.


Performed an outdoor concert of mostly original works at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center Pavilion for the Mindful Music series, a leading Music Therapy program on the west coast. 


Completed work on NoDAPL for solo percussion and field recordings, dedicated to the water protectors of North Dakota. Will be performed in the Fall of 2017- stay tuned. 


Performed original work Spokane II at a CalArts BFA composers' concert.


Performed original work New York I for the CalArts OK Composer concert series.


Performed original work Harvest for the CalArts OK Composer concert series.


Performed original work Larsen B at a CalArts BFA composers' concert.


Began studies at California Institute of the Arts, studying composition and piano performance with Michael Pisaro, Nicholas Deyoe, and Vicki Ray.


Moved from Chicago to Los Angeles!


Held a collaborative recital at Chicago's PianoForte Foundation, performing the entirety of Julia Miller's large-scale work for Disklavier and Video, Weeds, as well as original piano work Two Meditations on Philip K. Dick (inspired by his stories A Man in the High Castle and A Scanner Darkly.)


Held a special solo benefit concert for the Growing Spine Foundation, researching early-onset scoliosis, at the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Shared an hour-long set of original music, with special guest Hana Samberg (3 years old!!)


Performed piano for Pete Fernandez's orchestral work Mosaics, Memories on the occasion of his Master's thesis recital at Roosevelt University.

3/24/16 and 3/25/16

Played a two-concert retrospective of eighteen different original works for solo piano, at the PianoForte Foundation in Chicago.


Played for the Keep on Keeping On Foundation's annual awards dinner, for the fifth consecutive year in a row!


Presented a program on the limitless possibilities of composing techniques for the Hinsdale Music Club, called The Composer's Craft


Played solo piano work Winter Piece II as well as Duet for Cello and Piano (with Jason Raynovich on cello) at the Green Mill.


Performed for the Western Springs Music Club at the 1st Congregational Church of Western Springs, featuring an original work and others by Chopin and Schumann.


Performed my piano work Spokane I at the Chicago Soundings Concert Series, curated by George Flynn.


Participated in the soundSCAPE Festival in Maccagno, Italy, studying conducting under Tim Weiss.


Performed for the 5th annual "March Forth" awards dinner for the Keep on Keeping on Foundation.  


Played a recital of original works (and some others by Debussy, Takemitsu and Abbinanti) at The PianoForte Foundation, Chicago.


Played viola with Articular Facet- performing in both Bracken by Nicolas Collins and The Hound by Mark Hardy- at the Prop Theater, as part of the 2015 Rhinofest in Chicago.


Performed The Man in the High Castle (After the novel by Philip K Dick) for solo piano as part of the Green Mill New Music Series. 


Played a wedding (both solo and chamber) in Independence Grove, Libertyville.


Gave a solo recital at the PianoForte Foundation in Chicago.


Performed viola transcription of Bach's Solo Cello Suite no. 1 in G for the Western Springs Music Club.


Played viola for an open session/concert/rehearsal at the Nitecap Coffee Bar in Pilsen- with KG Price and The Lucky Bikes!


Participated in Articular Facet’s Dissecting Adam performance at Ragdale, Lake Forest, IL

Articular Facet presents an improvised opera in which everyone vocalizes, performs on an instrument, and dances in the Ragdale Foundation Ring designed by the Bittertang Farm


Received 2nd prize in the 2014 Clara Wells Auditions, as part of the annual Tobias Matthay Piano Festival


Was a guest performer for the annual Portland Village Building Convergence festival, presenting four original works (without a break) in a unique late-night setting.


Performed a solo recital at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach, featuring original works, and those of Franz Liszt, Hannibal Lokumbe, and Rodrigo Bussad


Performed original piano work Harvest at a concert for the Western Springs Music Club.


Participated in a Hinsdale Music Club concert featuring the music of Nadia Boulanger’s students, performing her sister Lili Boulanger’s piano work,Trois Morceaux.


Played the viola section in the Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra, performing Peter and the Wolf (with puppetry!) and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.


Performed original piano work Nocturne in D for the Green Mill new music series in Chicago, curated by George Flynn.


Gave a masterclass for Prof. Alison Gaines’ composition and theory students at Oakton Community College.


Curated a program for the Hinsdale Music Club based on the life and works of Benjamin Britten (for his centennial), performing a number of his works on both piano and viola.


Performed on viola with the Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra, giving the first of the orchestra’s 50th anniversary season concerts.


Gave the world premiere of Transcendental Etude no. 38(Kaikhosru Sorabji) at the Chicago Soundings concert series, along with a performance of original piano work Harvest.


Performed a two-hour solo recital at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach.

6/30/13 - 7/13/13

Attended the soundSCAPE festival in Italy for the 4th year in a row, participating as both a composer and a performer.


Performed at a Western Springs Music Club meeting, accompanying soprano Natalie Ingrisano.


Participated in the Western Springs Music Club program, “A Musical Potpourri”, performing Schubert, and accompanying sopranos in music by Delibes, Piazzolla, and Prokofiev.


Performed in another opening at the Out-of-Line Art Studio: “Peace, War and More War”


Took part in the Keep on Keeping on Foundation‘s annual charity event, playing piano music- for the 4th year in a row!


Gave a lecture/performance program for the Hinsdale Music Club on rarely-heard composers and works, focusing especially on 19th cen. composer Joachim Raff and his musical circles.


Performed piano work “Harvest” in the Green Mill New Music series, presented by George Flynn.


Performed at the Out-of-Line Art Gallery’s opening, “Puzzled Humanity”

12/10/12 and 12/12/12

Gave masterclasses to theory/composition students of professor Alison Gaines, at Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL.


Performed and spoke at the Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago conference, the first Bioneers conference held in the midwest, consisting of the world’s leading minds on eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic communities. I performed my work “Larsen B“, named after the largest ice shelf to break off of the Antarctic, another work titled “Harvest” referring to the harvesting of both agriculture and ideas, and gave the World Premiere of a solo viola work by Frank Abbinanti titled “Bovine Viola”, dedicated to the victims of mad cow disease.


Accompanied soprano Celeste Martino in a recital for her international lullaby project (compliling lullabies from around the globe for a new album). Martino also performed my work “Gigha” based on a poem by W.S. Graham.


Accompanied soprano Elizabeth Quaintance for a meeting of the Hinsdale Music Club.


Samberg’s “Nocturne” is premiered by the Sinfonetta Bel Canto, Downers Grove, IL.

7/4/12 - 7/16/12

Participated in soundSCAPE festival 2012, held in Maccagno, in the Italian Alps, performing numerous premieres of various composers, as well as performing various original works.

6/15/12 - 6/23/12

Participated in SICPP 2012 at NEC in Boston, hosted by Stephen Drury. Highlights include a John Cage masterclass with Joseph Kubera, a performance of Lee Hyla’s chamber work “The House of Flowers”, and a performance of Cage’s “Concert for Piano and Orchestra” for the finale of the epic “Iditarod” concert, around 4 am.


Completed work on “Nevermore”, an orchestral work inspired by Poe’s “The Raven”.


Was a guest speaker/performer for “Creating Justice: A Symposium Celebrating Art and Activism”, at Oakton Community College, discussing a history of politically active composers, and performing a number of works by himself and others.


Published an article in “Contemporary Music Review” on the composer Frederic Rzewski, titled
“Rzewski as Shaman: the Search for the Source of the Power behind ‘The People United Will Never be Defeated!’” Available to read on the Taylor and Francis website.


Performed in an all-viola memorial concert for Eric Chapman, a founder of the American Viola Society, a prominent viola-maker/violist, and a great friend.


Performed with Frank Abbinanti and Guillermo Gregorio at a Kinzie Loft Concert in Chicago, playing Frederic Rzewski’s “Coming Together” (as both the pianist and narrator), as a part of John Cage’s “Hymnkus”, and in various free improvisations.


Made conducting debut, and performed, with the Chicago Scratch Orchestra at the Green Mill Lounge (conducted “Memory Seal No. 1″ by Clifton Ingram.  Also performed Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” on piano.


Played an international concert via Skype for a Rachel House charity fundraiser event, based in Perth, Scotland.


Took part in the Liszt bicentennial festivities at the Union Church of Hinsdale, held by the Hinsdale Music Club (over 50 years old)- played “Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” and the “Aux Cypres de la Villa D’este: Threnodie I” of Années de Pèlerinage book III.


Performed on viola with the Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra (50th anniversary concert!)


Performed on viola with the Chicago Scratch Orchestra at Ball Hall in Chicago.


Performed on electric guitar with Sid Yiddish and his Candy Store Henchmen at Phyllis’ Musical Inn in Chicago.


Completed commission for Diagenesis Duo, a setting of “Oh Shenandoah” for cello and piano.

9/9/11 - 9/18/11

Completed commission for Diagenesis Duo, a setting of “Oh Shenandoah” for cello and piano.

8/25/11 and 8/26/11

Performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, at St. Andrews and St. Georges West Church.


Online release of debut album, “Illusions”.